Edible Landscapes

Edible landscapes and the optimization of food systems

Since 2013 ão.verde has been allying architecture, permaculture, social inovation, and digital green to create edible landscapes and promote eco-food systems.

The convergence of permaculture, architecture, social innovation, and digital green technologies is of paramount importance in our quest for sustainable edible landscapes and eco-friendly food systems.

By harmonizing these disciplines, ão.verde design spaces that integrate natural and built environments, foster social change, and leverage technological advancements.

We can shape a future where our landscapes not only provide sustenance but also nurture our planet, promote biodiversity, and create thriving communities.


Why it matters

Wherever you are

Edible landscapes and the optimization of food systems hold the potential to address pressing global challenges such as food security, environmental sustainability, and public health.

By integrating food production into our landscapes and optimizing the way we grow, distribute, and consume food, we can create resilient and regenerative systems that nourish communities, preserve natural resources, and promote a healthier and more sustainable future for generations to come.


From the Balcony...

Homeowners and Small-Scale Farmers:
Individuals or families who want to transform their residential properties, whether they have large or small indoor or outdoor spaces, into productive and sustainable edible landscapes.

For those motivated by a desire for fresh, organic produce, a connection to nature, or an interest in sustainable living.

to the community garden...

Local and Public Organizations:
Municipalities, Regional Authoroties, Non-profit organizations, community centers, schools, that aim to have support or create communal spaces for food production, education, and community engagement.

From consultancy on food literacy programs as community activators, to edible public space design ão.verde establish community gardens or urban farms as a means of promoting food security, education, and social cohesion.

to the eco-productive business…


Restaurants, tourism, and corporations that seek to incorporate edible landscapes into their premises.

These establishments may value the ability to showcase locally sourced and organic food, enhance their green credentials, or provide a unique experience for customers or employees.

to land agriculture project...

Commercial Farmers and Agricultural Enterprises:
Large-scale farmers, commercial agricultural enterprises, and agricultural cooperatives can adopt foodscapes and edible landscapes design to enhance the sustainability and productivity of their operations.
This can involve incorporating agroforestry systems, permaculture principles, and diversifying crop production.

Landowners and Land Stewards:
Organizations or individuals responsible for managing large tracts of land, such as conservation areas, public parks, or corporate land holdings, can be clients of foodscapes and edible landscapes design services.
These designs can help optimize the land for both ecological conservation and food production.




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